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What Happened to Veronica 2 and Ash avatars (updated)

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

UPDATE June 23:

I have edited all my avatars to have unique xrf eyebrow materials and removed ‘female04.anime01.eyebrows02_alpha.xrf’ file completely. Now eyebrow opacity can be used exclusively with the head that avatar comes with and can’t be applied to any other head or clothing product in the catalog. If you wear a product that is designed to use eyebrow opacity as skin composite, that product will turn solid black as it will reference standard avatar eyebrow material which comes without opacity at all.

I did not edit derivable avatars, but they should be safe as they originally came with solid white eyebrow textures.

UPDATE June 21:

The bodysuit product that imvu was testing my avatars with has now been rerated as UFI, (since I do have access pass and they removed it from my inventory). Product id of the bodysuit was 37136028

UPDATE June 19: All three avatars Ash, Ash Tall and Veronica 2 have been rated back to GA and returned to the catalog

Veronica 2 was at a point incorrectly rated as ufi and the sales were reversed, so if she is missing in your inventory, feel free to repurchase it

Apparently there was no other issue, except for the eyebrow one described below.

I am editing my avatar products to have unique xrf files for eyebrows and lashes


June 18:

Yesterday two of my products Ash avatar(23090601) and Veronica 2 avatar(44631007) have been rated as ‘UFI’ ‘(unfit) for IMVU’ products by customer service

As you know the default avatar’s look is 100% GA

Yesterday I tried to resolve the issue with on live chat.

I was on chat twice, both times the agent didn’t see anything wrong with the products, then they would send them to be reviewed, but then the avatars would fail the review

Later they finally gave me the reason, which is that certain products (not made by me) will make the avatars appear naked. I was then given an example of one such product.

It is a full body bodysuit derived from this mesh 31473418 (there is nothing wrong with the mesh itself!), but each of the derived product’s materials/xrf files were set to ‘female04.anime01.eyebrows02_alpha.xrf’
which is imvu’s standard material for eyebrows. what happened was when you would wear ANY custom eyebrows together with this bodysuit, it would take on eyebrows’ opacity, skincomposite layer included and then avatar would apper naked. You don’t have to wear any of my avatars for this to happen.

Wearing it with eyebrows 1:

different eyebrows:

Here I derived from the mesh and set all materials to eyebrow material (same thing the creator of the bodysuit did):

Since my avatars come with custom eyebrow opacities then it happens as well

There was absolutely no intent on my side for this to happen or manipulate the products to pass as AP in any way. I am in no way affiliated with whoever created that suit or similar products that are set up to inherit xrf materials.

I also don’t understand why my products would be tested against someone’s product that turns naked once you put on custom eyebrows.

This is example of what my opacities look like:

I asked the agent to release the products back to me so that I could edit them, and they did. I made the eyebrow opacity 100% white. When worn with that product they no longer appeared naked. Then I submitted the products back for review.
Later I got the message that they again failed the review. Veronica 2 got UFI rating, they took money from my balance to issue refunds and removed it from the catalog.

With Ash, they still rated it UFI, but they gave me a final chance to edit it. And I’m hoping to get more answers from them why they failed it and which products they are testing it with.

I’m still hoping to get my products back and dispute this, as I dont see how having custom opacities should be treated as breach of virtual goods policy.
If a creator chooses to use lashes or eyebrows material as their composite textures I also don’t see why I should be held accountable for their actions

Here is the extract from the terms of service which confirms that my products should not be rated UFI as there is clear legitimate use for each of those textures and any part that comes with the avatars.

I’ll post when there are more updates..

And the winners are…

Sunday, January 18th, 2015

The avatar name is…
Skylar! (can also be spelled as ‘Skyler’, the letter which never appeared in the avi names before would be Y)

It also was a pretty popular guess and there were 19 entries which got it right.
So the very first person who guessed the name right is getting the avatar and 15K, but the remaining 9 winners were picked by lottery among 18 who got the name right..

The winners are:

1. SkyVikirnoff (avatar + 15K credits)
2. ScarletSiara
3. llChana
4. Covet (tall)
5. Ismeny
6. Polar
7. Eux (tall)
8. Pastel
9. Sera
10. spiceyMelody

all of you will be getting Skylar avatar once she is released!

As for everyone else, thank you so much for trying!:)


Hint1: 6 letters
Hint2: starts with S
Hint3: has 1 letter that never appeared in names of my avatars before (still/’nameless’ avatars excluded)(note the Avatar page hasn’t been updated since Katerina)
Hint4: the name is rather rare, although it’s been getting more popular lately. It is considered a girl name, but it can as well be unisex.
Hint 5: there are 2  ways  of spelling it, with an A and with an E. both will be accepted as correct, although it’s the variation with an A

I will be giving away 10 avatars to those who guess the name correctly.
If I get less than 10 correct answers, the rest of the winners will be chosen by lottery
1st person to guess the name correctly will also get 15K credits

+ Simply leave a reply to this post with 5 avatar names
+ Put your own avatar name in the Name field.
+ You don’t have to leave your actual email address
+ Put up to 5 names in the comment area.
+ If you enter more than 5, only first 5 will count as your entry.
+ if you would like to wait for the tall version of the avatar, please make a note about it in the comment.

All of the comments will be hidden, but you will be able to see your own comment as long as your IP address stays the same
After the contest ends, all comments will be revealed

My Newsletter

Friday, December 12th, 2014

I decided to create a first to know mailing list about my new avatars, contests and some other releases. Facebook likes to filter out pages posts, so there’s a big chance you might be missing out on my fb updates and I’m aware not everyone is on Twitter, so now you can get the latest news straight to your mailbox!

Select the lists you'd like to get updates about:

!!! Please keep in mind that you will need to confirm the subscription via link sent to your email. If you didnt get the email, please check your spam folder.

Here is each category explained:

Avatars: Get an email each time a new avatar is released + possibly some more avatar news like exclusive sneak peeks etc. Technically, this is the list for the regular height avatars.

Tall Avatars: Get an email each time a tall version of a certain avatar comes out. No other news on this list.

Contests: Get notifications about upcoming contests and giveaways (might not include completely spontaneous facebook/twitter giveaways though)

Derivables: Get newsletters about new derivables

If you would like to change the lists you are subscribed to, just click on ‘edit your subscription link’ at the bottom of the newsletter

Each newsletter will contain ‘unsubscribe’ link, so you will be able to unsubscribe at any time.

IMVU finger ‘fix’ and my products that got affected by it

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

As for the avatars, because most of them come with custom hands, so far they haven’t been affected as much.
The only avatar that doesn’t come with custom hands, is Victoria (original, standard height version only), so now she uses the updated IMVU hands..just for the protocol, this was NOT a change made by me.

These updated hands look the same, but there is a small glitch happening with the left ring finger. Sometimes it’s more visible, sometimes not as much.

Also there’s a chance they might glitch with some furniture poses and other products..

They will no longer work well with layerable products like layerable nails, gloves, some rings etc.

So in order to use these layerable items and stop the possible glitches, you will need to use the original standard hands, I have them available here:

OR you can use pretty much any other hands, nails created up to this date (as i’m writing this the latest product id is 24857XXX)

As for the other avatars, as for now they work fine. However, once some new hand meshes that were created with new avatar master files begin to pop up, that issue i mentioned above with the ring finger might become apparent when wearing the new hands.
so I haven’t made a decision whether I will be updating my existing avis with new xaf/xsf files yet.

Regarding my meshes/derivables:
The most popular mesh that got affected by this change is probably my Layerable nails for standard hands mesh

Imvu changed not just the left ring finger bone names, they tweaked the weights on both of the hands, that’s why these nails no longer align as perfectly as they once did.

Even though I could fix it, by importing the mesh into the new max file, reapplying the updated physique and exporting it using the new xsf file..i’m not convinced it would be a good idea.

First of all, we didn’t get any clear step by step instructions on how to fix different types products (derivable meshes, actions, avatars, accessories?..etc)

I never reuploaded a derivable mesh that had derives before, so i’m not sure about what should and shouldn’t be done.
I read that there might be a complication where all the textures in the derived products might turn white, and they would need to be reapplied by texturers again.
So I don’t want to be responsible on breaking hundreds of products, the texture files might now be missing, or devs who derived might not even be on imvu anymore..
And I’m not even sure if making that mesh compatible with current version of standard hands would be a good idea at all. It was intended not just for default hands, but also fingerless gloves. So even if it could get fixed for the hands, it might no longer work with the fingerless gloves which use the old hands mesh with old physique..

so i think it would be best to just advise the buyers who still use these nails to buy the original standard hands. They are exact same hands as those before the change, same mesh, same size and weights.
I have them available at base price here:

Same goes for the layerable gloves:

IMVU changed physique on both hands, so they don’t work with standard hands anymore, so please use them with different hands or nails

My Current Project: Victoria II

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

So I felt like my first Avatar, Victoria is getting seriously outdated.. so I got this idea to do a remake of V… and by remake i mean, ditch the poses I no longer liked, add some new poses, fix the poses I still liked, mostly make them compatible with smaller/downsized hands and bigger hips. I’m still somewhere in the middle of the project, but here is what I know so far..
It will have around 98 poses, which means 20 original poses got cut. Mostly ones from R and T sections
There will be somewhere around 25-30 completely new poses
All A section poses will be the same, just slightly tweaked
It will be differently set up when it comes to triggers. The bundle will come with pose pack and expression pack. Avatar will only have one type of triggers available, that is only ones which include pose and expressions.
I’m about to start working on defaults, so can’t say much yet, but alot of them will be different from what i can tell so far
V2 will prob priced a bit cheaper since it has less poses than original. I’m also thinking about doing a sale during first couple of days of release, so that everyone who owns the 1st one would kinda only have to pay for the new stuff.. so be sure to stalk me on fb/twitter so you don’t miss the initial discount period:)

and some screens..

old vs new:

left – hand going through waist when wearing downscaled hands, right – hand position fixed

then and now:

example of slightly changed old pose

and here are some of the brand new ones: