IMVU finger ‘fix’ and my products that got affected by it

As for the avatars, because most of them come with custom hands, so far they haven’t been affected as much.
The only avatar that doesn’t come with custom hands, is Victoria (original, standard height version only), so now she uses the updated IMVU hands..just for the protocol, this was NOT a change made by me.

These updated hands look the same, but there is a small glitch happening with the left ring finger. Sometimes it’s more visible, sometimes not as much.

Also there’s a chance they might glitch with some furniture poses and other products..

They will no longer work well with layerable products like layerable nails, gloves, some rings etc.

So in order to use these layerable items and stop the possible glitches, you will need to use the original standard hands, I have them available here:

OR you can use pretty much any other hands, nails created up to this date (as i’m writing this the latest product id is 24857XXX)

As for the other avatars, as for now they work fine. However, once some new hand meshes that were created with new avatar master files begin to pop up, that issue i mentioned above with the ring finger might become apparent when wearing the new hands.
so I haven’t made a decision whether I will be updating my existing avis with new xaf/xsf files yet.

Regarding my meshes/derivables:
The most popular mesh that got affected by this change is probably my Layerable nails for standard hands mesh

Imvu changed not just the left ring finger bone names, they tweaked the weights on both of the hands, that’s why these nails no longer align as perfectly as they once did.

Even though I could fix it, by importing the mesh into the new max file, reapplying the updated physique and exporting it using the new xsf file..i’m not convinced it would be a good idea.

First of all, we didn’t get any clear step by step instructions on how to fix different types products (derivable meshes, actions, avatars, accessories?..etc)

I never reuploaded a derivable mesh that had derives before, so i’m not sure about what should and shouldn’t be done.
I read that there might be a complication where all the textures in the derived products might turn white, and they would need to be reapplied by texturers again.
So I don’t want to be responsible on breaking hundreds of products, the texture files might now be missing, or devs who derived might not even be on imvu anymore..
And I’m not even sure if making that mesh compatible with current version of standard hands would be a good idea at all. It was intended not just for default hands, but also fingerless gloves. So even if it could get fixed for the hands, it might no longer work with the fingerless gloves which use the old hands mesh with old physique..

so i think it would be best to just advise the buyers who still use these nails to buy the original standard hands. They are exact same hands as those before the change, same mesh, same size and weights.
I have them available at base price here:

Same goes for the layerable gloves:

IMVU changed physique on both hands, so they don’t work with standard hands anymore, so please use them with different hands or nails

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