Valentina AP avi coming soon

So, my new avatar is now almost finished:) but the promo stuff basically just started, so still alot to do before i can finally release it.
Like i mentioned before, this avatar will be AP.. and is basically just an experiment.. never messed with ap stuff before.. but now i thought why not use this as a chance to try something i could never do because of GA restrictions..
so the concept behind was to make a Naked avi, not just one not wearing anything, but also one that’s aware of its ‘nakedness’ too. maybe the concept got a lil lost in the making but at least it was what i was going for..
also another awesome news is that it will feature a skintone made by the amazing Anry! I just feel so honored she even agreed to this! so yes, the avatar will sure look amazing!:D
and now i’m thinking whether or not i should do a GA version of it.. from what it seems it would be a lil too much work as almost every pose would have to be reworked.. but it would be great to use it for modeling GA stuff too.. so that’s a maybe..
It’s weird that there are barely any official guidelines when it comes to poses. so when making my other avatars i just stuck with a self-madeup rule – keep the hands away from the mcg ‘red areas’. so when i started working on Valentina, at first it felt exciting and liberating to just do whatever i wanted without having to worry about keeping things ‘clean’.. but somewhere down the middle it pretty much got old as the only type of poses i could do were with hands on red areas, as otherwise it would be a waste of AP lol so tbh right i’m not sure if i ever make another ap avi again, we’ll see about that.

and one more thing slightly offtopic.. but at the same time it does affect how my work presents itself, so maybe not so offtopic:
the shoes.
so lately i bought alot of nice shoes, and was disappointed to discover that some of them weren’t weighted properly. the ‘foot’ is not ‘animated’ as the shoe is attached to calf bone and not foot bone. so thanks to that some of the poses look off.. as i create them thinking that feet will actually move. with Valentina, i made most sitting defaults with legs up. (which is a bit of a hit and miss when it comes to furniture compatibility n stuff, but i just wanted to do something differently this time). so yeah, the fact that feet don’t move dont help at all so sometimes they go through the chair when they’re not supposed to.. here is what i mean:

On the left – shoe going through the chair, as the shoe/foot joint is not bendable
on the right – foot positioned as it was supposed to because shoe is weighted to foot bone and not leg(calf) bone
so if this happens to you.. not completely my fault..

So that’s it for now.. be sure to stalk my twitter/fb, will post as soon as it’s available (and might even do some random giveaways too:)

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