My Current Project: Victoria II

So I felt like my first Avatar, Victoria is getting seriously outdated.. so I got this idea to do a remake of V… and by remake i mean, ditch the poses I no longer liked, add some new poses, fix the poses I still liked, mostly make them compatible with smaller/downsized hands and bigger hips. I’m still somewhere in the middle of the project, but here is what I know so far..
It will have around 98 poses, which means 20 original poses got cut. Mostly ones from R and T sections
There will be somewhere around 25-30 completely new poses
All A section poses will be the same, just slightly tweaked
It will be differently set up when it comes to triggers. The bundle will come with pose pack and expression pack. Avatar will only have one type of triggers available, that is only ones which include pose and expressions.
I’m about to start working on defaults, so can’t say much yet, but alot of them will be different from what i can tell so far
V2 will prob priced a bit cheaper since it has less poses than original. I’m also thinking about doing a sale during first couple of days of release, so that everyone who owns the 1st one would kinda only have to pay for the new stuff.. so be sure to stalk me on fb/twitter so you don’t miss the initial discount period:)

and some screens..

old vs new:

left – hand going through waist when wearing downscaled hands, right – hand position fixed

then and now:

example of slightly changed old pose

and here are some of the brand new ones:

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