last update: Feb 2019 

Do you take custom requests?

On occasion I will take requests through this page:
If there is anything you’d like to see made, feel free to submit your request to the suggestion box. I *might* put this on to do list, but I can’t promise anything!

What are your alt accounts?


Are you going to release tiny/huge/giga versions of your avatars?

For now I don’t have any plans for making avatars in heights other than regular/tall.

What is the difference between lite and regular versions of the avatars?

The file size. Lite versions are much lighter on kb’s comparing to the regular ones, but they come with just the default poses and lighter custom parts.
The lite versions of the avatars were supposed to be purchased in a bundle along with the regular version with a discount. Unfortunately, IMVU has made it impossible to apply discounts to bundles in 2016, that is why the bundles ended up being inadequately priced.
So the lite versions of the older avatars are not really supposed to be priced as high

Can I get a refund?

No, I cannot give refunds, as IMVU does not have support for them. I have no way of taking the product back. So please always try before you buy!

After I purchased one of your avatars, I get ‘this product cannot be worn with your avatar’ error

This seems to be an IMVU glitch. Most of the time this will go away if you clear your cache and restart the client. If that still doesn’t work, please open a ticket with customer service.

I bought one of your products, but it doesn’t show up?

If the sale actually went though (you can check that in your credits balance log) sometimes it takes a while until the new product appears in your inventory. You can still use it if you visit a catalog page where it appears and click ‘use’ button next to it.

Where can I get products you used in your screenshots?

Check out my outfits page. I save most of my looks there:

I usually include credits in my product descriptions. When it comes to avatar pages, simply scroll down, and click on the Outfits link at the bottom of the page.

When is the new contest coming up?

Feel free to sign up for my newsletter to get notified about the contests

Can you lower the price on one of your avatars/can you send me one for free?


Do you need a model?

no, for now I’m not looking for models